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About The Programme
Anglo-American Literature and Creative Writing M.A. Programme

• Today, English Literature includes not only work produced in the United Kingdom, but also work created in other English-speaking countries. For some time now, literature produced in highly diverse geographical locations – such as the United States, South Africa, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Central African countries, India and South Asia – is now considered to fall well within the scope of English Literary Studies. What is more, such texts and the critical work that surrounds them are now widely read and discussed on M.A. programmes around the world. Therefore, a proper English Literature curriculum that targets future academics, critics and authors should be designed and developed in light of such innovative principles and with an awareness of the important cultural and critical issues that surround them.

• This shift in attitude is predicated on the belief that, as a form of academic enquiry, English Literature should not be construed as a static discipline in which a fixed set of writers and works are endlessly reexamined with exclusive reference to their own epoch’s particular creative and critical zeitgeists. Instead, it should be seen as a constantly transforming field that seeks to respond authentically to the everchanging social, cultural and economic circumstances in which texts are re-read and – in a sense – ‘made new’ by each generation. Considered in this manner, the discipline aims to expand on our conception of just what literature in English is and, perhaps most importantly, who exactly are its key figures.

• Moreover, literature is an area that accumulates meaning to the extent that it intersects with other disciplines – hence it should not be treated in a vacuum. The fact that literature is intertwined with cultural studies, women's studies, gender studies, linguistics, philosophy, art, cinema, theater, psychology, history, folklore, science fiction, popular culture, media and politics should also be accepted in an interdisciplinary framework.

• In the light of these facts, the field of literature should not be distanced from creative production; it should analyze literary works by considering their processes of production and should provide students with the opportunity to produce creative works throughout their education. Such an impulse is also inspired by the notion that both creative and critical writing in the field of literary endeavor have always been significantly entwined, and that the separation of the two methods of engagement with literature limits a student’s professional development within their chosen field of study.

• Importantly, the Anglo-American Literature and Creative Writing M.A. Programme aims to eschew the notion that students are simply consumer/objects in a pass-fail based educational system. Contrarily, our M.A. programme is designed to help students grow by enabling them to publish in both a creative and critical sense. Our curriculum aims to cement the students’ relationship with popular culture, such as television and media, and help them perform what they write. Our creative writing lessons seek to inspire the next generation of writers and, in so doing, attempts to guide those who will one day influence how we, and those who come after us, express ourselves.

• Ultimately, the priority of the programme is to improve artistic and literary sensibilities by exposing candidates to highly sophisticated forms of writing and methods of literary interpretation in order to help them to develop a maturity of both thought and self-expression. To this end, students will be taught advanced critical and linguistic skills that will improve both their language awareness and their reading and writing skillsets. In addition, the Anglo-American Literature and Creative Writing M.A. Programme will acquaint students not only with the local educational standards here in Turkey, but will also help them obtain a qualification that meets global educational standards and benefit those who wish to pursue a career abroad.

• The Anglo-American Literature and Creative Writing Thesis Programme is full-time, English medium, with a duration of minimum four semestres, maximum six semestres.

• The thesis programme students must complete at least nine courses (60ECTS) and successfully defend a thesis (60 ECTS) supervised by their academic advisor.

• The non-thesis programme is is full-time, English medium, with a duration of minimum two semestres, maximum three semestres, including the graduation project.

• The non-thesis students must complete at least eleven courses (60 ECTS) including a graduation project (30 ECTS) supervised by their academic advisor.